Our Supporters

Chartered College of Teaching


The Chartered College of Teaching is the professional body for teachers. It is working to connect, inform and inspire teachers to raise the status of the profession and support them to deliver the best possible education for children and young people.

Lifting Limits opens our eyes to the unconscious bias that we are too often susceptible to within society. This is important work for teachers who believe in building equity, fairness & diversity.

Leigh Day

Leigh Day is a specialist law firm with some of the country’s leading personal injury, product liability, clinical negligence, employment and discrimination, international and human rights teams. It was established in 1987 and represents individuals from all over the world.

Leigh Day is proud to be a supporter of Lifting Limits. In our work we see the impact of gender discrimination throughout society so finding an organisation that looks to promote equality from the earliest of ages very strongly ties in with the ethos of who we are.

Camden Learning

Camden Learning is a local partnership between Camden schools and Camden council, created for the benefit of children and schools. We bring teachers, headteachers and other education practitioners together, to share expertise, drive improvement and achieve excellent practice.

The Fawcett Society

Women are still a minority in politics, in boardrooms, and in the editorials of media. Their under-representation means they have less influence than they should in decisions that affect their lives. The Fawcett Society works to redress these inequalities in all its forms, and for all women.

From the gender pay gap to violence against women and girls, gender stereotypes lurk beneath so many of the issues we campaign on. We are excited to see the work Lifting Limits are doing, and we hope that the evidence from their evaluation will help clear a path to widespread change.

The Kreitman Foundation

The Kreitman Foundation seeks to improve the lives of people who are growing up LGBTI+.

We see the incredible work that Lifting Limits does as absolutely fundamental to breaking stereotypes and promoting equality across the board.